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Sunday, April 1, 2012

[MLA-LIMA] Re: Owning an UFO

This is a super super cool question! I think I would keep this alien
craft and research about it on my own. I would want absolutely no one
to know about it though except maybe the people I know for certain I
can trust. That craft most likely would contain very important
information and technology, and it wouldn't be pretty if someone else
got it into there hands.
On May 24, 6:16 pm, Melany <> wrote:
> <>
> Imagine one day you go on a tour to a secretive,discreet place,and you
> discover a large crater in the ground.In this crater,there is a small to
> medium sized piece of metal with foreign words written on it.Imagine those
> words are an Alien language.What would you do with this piece of UFO?Would
> you try to find out more or give it in to the government?Would you get a
> private investigator to find out more for you?Would you sell it or keep
> it?Explain.
> <><>
> <>
> <>

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