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Sunday, June 3, 2012

[MLA-LIMA] Re: AAAAAHHHHH!! Wait its not over yet!!!

A scary movie i saw was women in black. i couldnt even open my eyes it
was that scary. The guy from harry potter he went to a place to sell a
house and the house was haunted. So every time he would go he would
see her. But in the weirdest ways and then he would go back to the
town because the house was on a marsh. The myth was everytime someone
sees her a child dies. So kids were dying and one the house was on
fire and he went inside to go save the child and guess who was there?!
The women in black !

On May 22, 9:18 pm, Jeremiah Soliman <> wrote:
> Which is the last terrible movie you saw? It could be either the saddest
> movie you have seen or the scariest movie you have seen.Why?

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