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Monday, May 28, 2012

[MLA-LIMA] Re: (ESS) Earthquakes (Chapter 12 Reading Check)

1.I learned about the anatomy of an earthquake and about the different types of seismic waves such as P waves and S waves.I also learned about devices that can measure earthquakes such as a seismograph and scales such as Richter scale which measures magnitude and Modified Mercalli scale which measures intensity.I also learned about the dangers of earthquakes and how to be safe if one were to occur.Also I learned about shadow zones and Andrija Mohorovicic.
2.What would happen if there were no shadow zones?
3.Foci is just a plural way of saying focus.Almost like saying nuclei instead of nucleus.Focus is the surface point above the point in which the earthquake began.
4.I think it is important to learn about this because we should know how to be safe from earthquakes and learn how to protect ourselves from these catastrophic events that could result from an earthquake.
5.We can use this in real life by predicting earthquakes which can help us predict them and save millions of lives.It can also expand our knowledge of the earth.
6.Yes,to me this topic was very fun because earthquakes are cool and exciting to learn about  since any of this could happen to me.

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