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Monday, April 30, 2012

[MLA-LIMA] Re: Do we enherit our behavior from our parents

I do believe we do if we are around them or with them long enough.I believe that we get our personalities from our parents during our childhood.It starts out with little things such as copying their words or emotions.I remember when I was little I would get mad because my mother was mad,even though I had no reason to be mad at all.Then as we get older it begins to show more through our personalities such as how nice or mean we are,how emotional we are and things as such.However,we can also be influenced by other things such as the media and the people around us.For example,if someone told you you were to mean or studied to much you might stop being as nice,which changes your behavior,or might stop studying and be more relaxed and outgoing.I agree with Jackie and think you are absoultely right when you said we begin to form our own personalities as we age.

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