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Monday, April 30, 2012

[MLA-LIMA] Re: Back in the day

If I could travel back into different centuries it would be the 1st century because I would want to see humans and how they acted back then and how the environment and animals were.I would also like to see Julius Caesar before he died of course.I would also go back to the Stone Age to observe the cavemen and neanderthals during their creation and use of stone tools.It would also be a bonus to see the dinosaurs and other animals that lived there.I would also visits the Mayans to learn more about their famous calenders.The Romans and Aztecs would also be on my list for their commitment to war and violence,although I would be terrified to actually meet them face to face in fear they would probably call me a with/alien and kill me.As you can see,in reality I would want to visit all of the centuries because there are none that have no importance.Each are special in their own way and are part of our history and lives.
More on the violence of Romans:
More on the violence of Aztecs:

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