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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

[MLA-LIMA] Re: "That hurt"says the plant

I'm not exactly sure if plants have any emotions or physical feelings at all.I mean we are always stepping on grass and other plants and not once have I ever heard one complain.Even though animals do not speak either they do moan in pain if they are hurt in some way.However,some people have "proved" that plants have feelings by performing tests and scans by hitting,hurting,or scaring the plant in some way and recording their waves or reactions.One thing that is somewhat debatable is if they have the five senses:sight,smell,taste,feel,and listen.Some say that they do have this because they need to locate the sun by feeling it's heat and "seeing" it's rays.
How do you feel about this Victoria,and do you think there should be a vegetable activist group just like P.E.T.A?

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