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Monday, May 28, 2012

[MLA-LIMA] Re: Living in an Upside Down World

This Phenomena is caused by the Tilt in the earth's axis: The Earth is constantly rotating on this invisible line that runs from pole to pole as it orbits the sun. Depending on the earth's position around the sun, and where you live, depedetermines what season you are currently experiencing. the side that is tilted toward the sun will be warmer, and have summer, the other side would be tilted away from the sun, and experience winter. Ausies now are building their snowmen and sledding on hills because the southern hemisphere is pointed away from the sun.

I can NEVER recall a day where florida has experienced 110 degree weather. The humidity makes it feel hotter than it actually is. I've been to Las Vegas and the Hoover Dam last summer, they had temperatures that varied from 107-110 degrees, It basically feels the same as 95 degree weather in florida would feel like, humidity and all. At night, however, Vegas felt like you were constantly wrapped in a heated blanket, while florida at night was cooler. In the nearby Grand Canyon, at the ridge it was 115 degrees, and in the gorge was around 120, where as the water a few inches above the 120 degree air was only 60. that kind of heat felt more like an oven or furnace, where you were literally choking because the air was so dry.

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