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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

[MLA-LIMA] Re: (ESS) Earthquakes (Chapter 12 Reading Check)

1. I have learned that there is a new divergent boundary in africa. I learned what fault zones are, i learned that their are different types of waves that travel through different things.
2. I did not quite catch what after shock is?
3. If there was no shadow zones P waves and S waves would be able to go through everything so there might be more earthquakes.
4.I think it is important to learn about this because, then we can learn where when and a guess of how stong an earthquake might be.
5. We use this information in real life to guide us on how a earthquake might happen and what to do then.
6. Yes i think this is a very intresting topic because it helps us better understand why these major disasters are happening in the world.

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