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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

[MLA-LIMA] Re: (BIOH) Taxonomy (Reading Check)

I. I learned that scientists use the word "Division" instead of "Phylum" when classifying plants, plant species are further divided into "varieties" and bacteria species are subdivided into "Strains".
II. why are all the Taxa capitalized except for species?
III: morphology is still used today though it is inaccurate because it is still an easy way to tell one species of organism from another, or to compare how alike two species are. There are new species discovered every day that would need to be classified and seeing how they are similar in comparison to other species is the easiest way.
IV: It is important to know this because it shows how alike species are when compared, it also shows how many animals species may have originally been related somewhere down their ancestral family tree.
V: Scientists  use cladograms to determine how to classify a newly discovered species.
VI: This might be my  favorite of the bio topics, aside from ecology. I find it fun and straightforward. :{B

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