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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

[MLA-LIMA] Re: (BIOH) Taxonomy (Reading Check)

1. I learned that despite the fact that certain animals are in
different in-groups they can create their own in-group.
2. Why is comparing morphology still used despite the fact that is
3. Analogous structures are structures that do not look the same but
do the same jobs.
4. It is important to learn about this in order be able to make ties
with animals that you may not know anything about.
5. In the end its real life application was already stated, which was
to better the organization of the environment.
6. This topic was relatively easy but my lack of self-discipline
prolonged the amount of time I spent on the topic.
On May 26, 2:18 pm, "Melissa P." <> wrote:
> 1) I learned that polyphyletic group  leads to the suggestion of
> reconstructing a tree of life or cladogram.
> 2) I am unsure about analogous structures. I don't understand them
> although I do understand homologous structures.
> 3) @Natalie Toro- A ring of life includes more of the genetic
> background than a tree of life by implying the creation of eukaryotes
> and showing Bacteria and Archea.
> 4) It is important to learn about this topic because we learn how to
> connect certain species and have an understanding of how everything is
> related.
> 5) In real life molecular clocking can be used to try and distinguish
> the origins of some diseases.
> 6) This topic was fairly straightforward and I found out easy to
> understand, one of my favorite topics aside from nucleic acids.

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