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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

[MLA-LIMA] (BIOH) Population Genetics and Microevolutionary Mechanisms (Reading Check)

1. I learned that disruptive selection can lead to speciation, and that it goes from central, or balanced looks to the extremes. I also learned that stabilizing selection is when only one look is favorable, or the accumulation toward a balanced look. Directional selection is when one look is favored, which "changes" the population from one end to the other. Oscillating selection is when the looks fluctuate from one end to the other in a back and forth pattern.
2. I need further explanation of the bottleneck effect.
3. By my understanding of Kim's question, organisms with high overall fitness have alleles that do not help them during their struggle for existance, because of environmental factors, and/or heterozygote advantage, dominant protective allele, or recessive protective allele advantages.
4. It is important to learn about this information in order to understand the factors that contribute to why and how environmental factors affect the way that organisms/ populations look they way they do.
5. This information can be used to manage organisms/populations.
6. I liked the topic, videos, and the activities for this topic.

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